3 Most Frequently Replaced Car Parts and When to Change Them

Keeping your car in top condition is not only essential for safe driving, but it also maintains your car value if you wish to resell it in the future.

Additionally, it’s important to know what parts need regular replacement so that you can check them first in case of a problem.

Car body disassembled

Nonetheless, maintenance can be pretty expensive, especially if you are a new car owner trying to figure out where to look for problems and what parts should receive your attention first.

That’s why we gathered a list of 3 of the most frequently replaced car parts so that you can keep an eye on them in your car and avoid any potential or sudden damage. Let’s get into it!

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1 – Tires

You might have seen this one coming, as all cars are equipped with a spare and a tire-change kit upon purchase, which goes to show how common it is to need to switch tires.

As expected, wheels are one of the most replaced car parts worldwide because they carry the vehicle’s weight and are in constant contact with the rough ground, putting them under a lot of pressure — literally.

However, certain behaviours can wear out the tire’s rubber faster, such as driving without checking and adjusting the air pressure in the wheels, speeding over bumps and neglecting slow-down signs, or over-inflating the tires, all of which increase the amount of friction the rubber has to endure.

Nevertheless, unless there’s an emergency such as a blowout — which means you need to replace the tire that just exploded — it’s often easy to notice when you must change a tire.

Consider replacing a tire when its treads become shallow, loosening the vehicle’s grip on the ground and potentially affecting how much control the driver has over the car.

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2 – Windshield Wipers

Unlike the first item, this one is a less anticipated part of this list, but that doesn’t make a clean windshield less significant for a safe journey.

Windshield wipers are often overlooked in maintenance, yet they remain crucial for safe driving, especially in extreme weather conditions where your vision may already be limited.

As a rule of thumb, wiper blades should be replaced around 2 times a year, depending on the frequency of use and the weather in which you often drive — you should also take a look at your car’s handbook to know what your auto in particular needs.

In order to keep your windshield wipers working properly for a more extended period, make sure you clean them often and never run them on dry glass, as the added friction will tear down the rubber in the wipers faster, making them less efficient.

Regardless, when the wipers start smudging your glass, it’s enough reason to have them switched at a trusted mechanic shop.

3 – Air Filter

You can’t risk having poor-quality air getting into your car’s engine and potentially leading to more serious problems such as incomplete combustion, and that’s where the air filter comes in.

As the piece in charge of protecting the engine from any dust and debris that may fly in, the air filter requires special care and attention when it comes to maintenance.

Due to it being in constant contact with continuous gusts of wind, the air filter is prone to get clogged, meaning that it should be inspected often to be cleaned or replaced, depending on its condition.

Check your car’s manual for specific instructions about when to replace the filter.

Nevertheless, some signs may point you to look at the air filter, such as black smoke coming out from the exhaust pipe, smelling gas when you start the car, and overall reduced performance in your automobile.

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