Banishing Arachnophobia With the Ferrari F430 Spider

Banishing Arachnophobia With the Ferrari F430 Spider

When I think of Ferrari, I think of one of the world’s most desirable supercars with a thoroughbred pedigree that is almost peerless in the world of luxury sports cars. But that might be because I’ve just stumbled from the passenger seat of an F430 Spider that made me feel that no electric carriage had any right to be so comfortable whilst being so alarmingly rapid.

You’d think that the eclectic transport tastes of my family would have prepared me for this.   I have a Land Rover Discovery, my brother drives a hulking Mitsubishi Warrior, but my father has always had a passion for sports cars. From Mg Midget to Porsche 911 Carrera Sport Targa to Renault Alpine, my sibling and I spent our younger years squished into seats (where more than one was available) that seemed far too close to the ground for my liking. But my word could those cars cut a dash. Whether on the motorway or country lanes, it was an education in power and handling.

Whilst I might hate real arachnids with a passion that borders on hysteria, there’s nothing unlovable about the Ferrari F430 Spider. When a sports car loving friend decided that their most recent used Ferrari acquisition require breaking in, they proposed a weekend jaunt in the darkest reaches of Devon.  I was initially sceptical, because looking at the F430 you wouldn’t think that luggage was much of an option. And you’d be right. There’s just about room for 2 medium sized bags in the admittedly handsome nose of the car, and you could probably squash some bits behind the seats, but overall it’s advisable that you practise packing light if the Ferrari F430 Spider is going to be your transport mode of choice.

Having packed in the time-honoured frugal fashion of the frequent traveller (you’d be astonished at the diminutive size of the shoulder bag that I took for a week in Poland), I was alerted to my friend’s arrival on Friday afternoon by the impressive vibrato of the Ferrari’s engine a full two minutes before it hove into view at the end of my driveway.

Let me point out that we were travelling from York, a five and a half hour journey at the best of times, and one that could be the test of even the oldest friendship. Fortunately, we had something to divert us from any potential bickering over toilet stops or music choice. Because the used Ferrari dismissed any concerns about performance in the ten minutes between my house and Micklegate.

I won’t bore you with the details of what two old lushes got up to in cider country (no, my friend does not answer to the name Withnail), but whilst the evenings were saved for sampling the local scrumpy, our days were devoted to the timeless novelty of feeling the wind in our hair as the glorious howls of the Spider echoed around the hills. And the thing is that I didn’t feel any of the trepidation that I expected, because whilst it may have the appearance of an ethereal sprite, the F430 Spider grips the road with grim determination for a nearly unmatched driving experience.

The return journey was no less exhilarating, and it was almost with a sense of sadness that I waved goodbye as the fabulous used Ferrari took its leave. In fact, I’m not sure whether I was waving goodbye more to my friend or the car.

If you have the financial means, there’s a good chance that you’ve already considered a Ferrari as your next luxury sports car. With the second hand car market offering exceptional savings, a used Ferrari will provide the same enjoyment as a new model, but at a more attractive price. Choosing from a specialist used Ferrari dealership will ensure that you receive tailored advice that takes into account your budget and vehicular needs.

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