Best Secret Untapped Mobile Car Wash Markets in California

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Well perhaps I should not give out such valuable information free of charge, yet there are hot spots in California for the mobile car wash industry and many are completely untapped, with lots of customers and little if any real organized competition. Anyone in the mobile auto detailing business of mobile car wash business ought to consider these as primary targets for expansion or launching their new business.

The following area I can personally recommend and are worth targeting for maximum revenues. The following cities and locations for a new or expanding operation should be;

New Port Beach, Laguna Niguel, Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Coronado, La Jolla, Malibu, Piedmont, Lafayette, Los Altos, Menlo Park, Cupertino and Saratoga.

The secondary recommendations include Davis, Red Bluff, Redding, Auburn, Rocklin, Clovis, Pleasanton, Danville, Concord, Palo Alto, San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz. As well as Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova, San Rafael, Rancho Bernardo, Temecula, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Ventura, Marina del Ray, Burbank, Woodland Hills, Calabasas, Westlake Village, Simi Valley, Camarillo, Encino, Torrance, AlisoViejo, Tustin and Moreno Valley.

I hope this assists you in a really successful mobile auto detailing business or mobile car wash in the State of California. Think on these recommendations and you will be glad you did.

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