Best Tips for Effective Car Insurance Comparison

Tips for Car insurance comparison

To help make sure you get the best from your car insurance comparison research here are just a few useful tips.

1. Go online

There are some very easy to use insurance comparison websites that can take all of the hassle and stress out of comparing policies. These comparison websites can offer products from all the leading insurance companies and also some of the smaller independent providers. This gives you a vast range of policies to choose from at just the click of a button.

2. Be Prepared

Before you start looking at insurance comparison websites you do need to have the some basic information ready to go. In order to return relevant quotes you will need to input certain details which can include:

· Your Details- insurers will request a few personal details (name, address and telephone number). You will not have to provide any financial details such as your bank account or credit card number at this stage so be wary of any website/provider that requires these details before you can continue.

· Driving History- you may need to provide information about your driving record including how long you have been driving and if you have any points on your license or driving related convictions.

· Car Insurance Record- You may also be asked to provide a full record of your car insurance history including the policies you have owned, any claims you have made and your no-claims bonus quota.

· Car Details- you will be required to provide details of your car before you can get quotes for car insurance comparison. This includes the make, model and registration number. Also you may be asked to provide the estimated value of your car (you can check this by looking at similar cars for sale), your annual mileage, where you keep your car when not in use (driveway, street parking or garage) and also the vehicle use (domestic, commuting, work).

3. Be Honest

It can be tempting to misrepresent your information when it comes to car insurance comparison. For example security is a big issue with car insurance and you can save money by making sure your car is protected against thieves. This means that if you tell your insurer you have an installed an alarm and park your car in a locked private garage you could get lower premiums.

However if this is not true and your insurance company find out any claims you make will be invalid and your policy will be cancelled. It could also be very difficult to get insurance in the future. Only ever state the facts on your insurance application form and when you request quotes for car insurance comparison.

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