Car DVD Players’ Buying Guide

These days car DVD players are also available that can be installed in your car itself. They have the ability to recognize and play different DVD video and audio standards. Two variants of car DVD players are available. You can opt for a player with an in-built LCD screen or another one that can be connected to the monitor.

Unlike the bulky VCR that we used to have in earlier days, car DVD players offer all the benefits of home in your car. They provide superior picture and sound quality, give you digital video viewing with a surround sound, and are small and compact. They can be placed underneath a seat or in the cargo area. The dashboard DVD players can be mounted 360 degrees. This allows you to fix them at any angle for your convenience.

If you working and most of your time goes in commuting form one place to another in the city or if you have to chauffer driven car to take you then it is a wonderful idea to watch a movie while traveling. This will make your trip all the more delightful.

This has been made possible with the latest technology in music-listening, known as portable DVD players. Now one can easily get miniature televisions screens or else the DVD player can be attached to your laptop. Many of these devices allow both audio and visual inputs, for linking to games consoles; viewing camcorder footage or digital photos to further enhance the experience of music-listening.

To play mp3 songs and movies as well your best option would be to purchase a hdmi DVD player. Higher end models come with features such as color LCD USB/MMC and a memory card reader. In-dash DVD players come with radio and color display and some nifty USB ports to plug an MP3 player into, or a memory card.

Higher quality machines will read MPEG4 or Div X compressed video whereas others may just play audio cd, cd-rs and cd-rw. Discs strictly bought in Europe and in the UK only work on units that play region 2 DVDs. Multi-region players can read DVDs from any region.

If you want to install the DVD player in the boot of the car then you need to buy a DVD changer also. The DVD changer will store the discs so that you can quickly select the desired DVD. These DVD devices are portable and very delightful while traveling but it is not safe for the driver to watch the movie while driving.

Looking at essential features, one should take into account screen size and picture quality, whether viewing is possible from different angles, battery performance and if mains and 12-volt power leads are included in the supplies. Also, player-machine should have simple mounting in the car, plus a storage bag.

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