I Want to Start a Truck Detailing Business

I Want to Start a Truck Detailing Business

If you love trucks and 18 Wheelers then perhaps you might like to get into the truck detailing business. It may sound kind of funny to detail a big rig like you would a car, but believe it or not it can be lucrative business.

It will not be an easy business due to the size and shape of the vehicle, but there are a lot of trucks on the road and they need to be cleaned. There are two types of truck detailing customers for a truck detailing business; there is the long haul independent truck driver like B.J. and The Bear and there is the used wholesale truck detailing customer who owns a truck lot with either new or used trucks or sometimes both.

The independent truck driver is a dying breed however, they will spend big bucks to have their aluminum fuel tanks polished and all the chrome shinning. The truck dealer customer is much different as they are looking for a lowball price and will send you a ton of work. They need those trucks looking good to put on their truck sales lot so they sell fast. They may bring you three to six trucks a day if it is a high-volume truck dealer.

These customers will want the interiors claimed, the chassis degreased and the paint to look brand-new. They will also want the aluminum and chrome to shine like there is no tomorrow. But for this you can charge them $600 and now you are starting to see why the truck detailing business can be so lucrative. But be forewarned it is not an easy business as it is quite labor-intensive. Nevertheless a truck detailing business makes the top 10 list of small businesses you can start in trucking. So, consider this in 2006.

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