Mobile Car Washing and Auto Detailing Pricing Strategies in KY

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One question that mobile automotive detailers and carwashers often ask is; what should I charge for my services? Of course this all depends on their business strategy, Recently, someone from Kentucky asked me this question, as he was indeed, considering starting such a business of his own:

“What do you charge per car?”

Well, I like the low-cost, high volume scenario best, the McDonald’s approach if you will. Providing entry level car washes, middle class worker express waxes and $100 details. You see, I’d rather live with the classes and sell to the masses, although you will find that many folks especially in your area of Kentucky and many of the Black Americans, want to go high-end only, leaving all the rest of the business for you!

You will also note many Hispanic market entrants servicing the lower end. The trick is to wash the most amount of cars each time that truck stops and the best car to wash is the one next door to the one you just completed and the best next customer on the schedule is at the company next door and so on down the street and then across the street and work back.

Drive Little, Wash Lots – JP Morgan would have said that had he been invested in mobile washing services. If you are considering starting a mobile automotive business of this type, you might wish to think on these various market niches and scenarios and do what works best for you. Our company is into production, other companies like is into high-end and high-price.

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