Narc That Car Review and How to Make Money With License Plate Information

Narc that Car MLM Opportunity

No! This is not the latest Disney movie though it sounds like one. Narc That Car is one the most recent MLM opportunities to hit the market and it’s already found quite a few takers. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve already been contacted by friends or relatives who swear by the fact that you just need to “narc” a few cars each month to make money. So what’s this narcing all about? Is this MLM opportunity a scam or legit? What’s the income potential and what are the hitches? Let’s find out in this review.

About Narc That Car

2009 saw the launch of Narc That Car at Dallas by William Forrester, an integrative technology expert. This business is all about using network marketing to create a database of license plates that can be used for various purposes. The most important purpose is to help lien holders identify the location of vehicles that have been placed under lien.

How Is This Database Created?

The database is created by distributors of the network marketing company. So when you become a distributor (or detective?); you’ll have to key in license plate details of at least ten cars a month. These details are mapped so that people who want to locate these cars just have to buy this information from Narc.

The Network Marketing Home Business

A consultant’s job doesn’t end with just keying in license plate details. They also have to recruit a minimum of three people into the business and get them to narc cars. The cost to join the venture is $75; but this is reimbursed almost instantly when you key in car numbers. Other than this, you’d have to pay a monthly fee of $24.95 for your business website. This website will track your MLM downline and keep a record of your transactions.


The commission for narcing cars ranges between $0.25 and $2.36 depending on your level with a mandatory requirement to narc at least ten cars a month. Income for recruiting reps range between $25 and $75. You can also bring in clients to buy the marked car details; earn 5 to 10{ab662c498d58e1b7b34d33fa34ec831686a9fe77d0ca7e950f839577e113f39a} of the sale price for this.

Plus Factors To This Business

– This is a pretty simple business to deal in; no hassles of inventory, product campaigns or quality control. The company even allows duplicate entries. – This is an innovative business concept that’s sure to find many takers. There aren’t any competitors; so you don’t have to worry about that. – Since this is a very new MLM business with limited representatives, now’s the time to join to make money and climb high in the hierarchy.

My View On Narc That Car

Personally, I feel a Park That Car MLM would have been much more profitable given the parking problems we face now; however, this business seems to be legitimate and an easy way to make money. If you want to get back your one time and monthly investment, it’s not enough if you simply narc cars; you’ll have to proactively build your MLM downline. You get paid much more for recruiting people than to key in car details.

Narc That Income

We’ve established the fact that improving on one’s MLM downline is the best way to make income in this business. To achieve this, it’s just not enough if you get your friends or relatives into the business; it’s better to target people who’ll be more interested in this kind of opportunity and who’ll work better at extending your downline. One of the best ways to do this is to set up an online MLM lead generation system that’ll help spread the word about your business and get interested people to contact you. The internet’s an affordable and efficient tool to get MLM leads to boost your business.

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