Nilfisk Power Washers – E140 Review

If you thought all Power Washers were created equal, think again. The Nilfisk E140 Power Washer is far from your standard unit. It boosts an almighty 2100 watt motor that is capable of producing an impressive 140 bars of pressure at your command. The Nilfisk Power Washers will make light work of just about any task you care to throw its way. It includes the vario nozzle which is great for those lighter jobs such as windows and vehicles.

You can alter the fan spray be way of the rotating nozzle on the end of the lance. Turn it one way for a fan spray and another for a concentrated and powerful water jet. The power speed nozzle should be used for those tougher jobs but bear in mind it should not be used on any surface where there is paint and you wish it to remain that way as it will literally take it off. The Nilfisk Power Washer comes with a trolley so you can easily move it around to where you want without straining you back trying to lift it.

The on board storage facility helps keep things tidy when not in use and prevents one from misplacing the various accessories that come with it. Like the other Power Washers in the Nilfisk range the E140 has the start/stop system installed, meaning whenever the user lets go of the trigger the motor and pump will cease operating. This will save excessive wear on both the motor and pump which in turn will prolong the life of the unit. This feature also helps prevent water wastage.Let’s not forget that this machine also comes with a very long 9 meter hose, so no excuse of not being able to reach.

Nilfisk Power Washers – E140 Product Details

  • Durable aluminum pump
  • The handle is telescopic and made from robust aluminum tubes Integrated hose reel with a 9 meter hose
  • Trolley with wheels for maneuverability Ample storage for the accessories
  • Pressure regulation Features the Click and Clean system to enable quick and easy changeover of nozzles
  • Automatic start/stop Rubber suspension around the motor pump cut down on the noise
  • Weighs in at 18.5 kg
  • Unit measurements H900mm x W366mm x L319mm

Nilfisk Power Washers E140 Reviews

When searching for good Power Washers we always recommend trying to talk to or hear from people that have actually purchased the product and put it through its paces. We trolled the internet and in our quest managed to find some customer feedback. Overall the Nilfisk E140 attained a very respectable 4.5 stars out of a possible 5, and the majority of people would recommend to other people.

All users agree that the Nilfisk has plenty of power available, and that all jobs around the home whether it be simply cleaning the car or washing the patio this machine will get the job done. Others commented on the quality of build and ease of use.

The only negative thing we could find that was mentioned by a couple of owners is to do with the hose reel. It can be a bit fiddly to wind back up after use, but did not affect the overall experience of using the Power Washer. The other person commented that on his unit the plastic handle would sometimes come off when rewinding the hose, but again was very pleased overall. So in closing we agree with the many reviewers out there that the Nilfisk is a real beast of a Power Washer that has the versatility and reputation to put most other brands to shame.

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