Suzuki Posts Record Breaking March Sales

Suzuki Posts Record Breaking March Sales

The month of March is over and in the auto industry that means car makers will be posting their sales for the previous month. In the United States, the American Suzuki Motor Corporation announced recently that they have broken their sales record for the month of March.

Last month, the company sold 11,030 units thus marking their best sales for that month in their entire history. Aside from setting sales record for the month of March, they have also set a new sales record for the first quarter of the year. For the first three months of the year, Suzuki already sold 27,794 units which eclipsed their 2006 first quarter sales by four percent.

It can be remembered that the Japanese brand reached a milestone last year when they sold more than 100,000 vehicles in one year. And if the current trend continues, the company is set to once again break their sales record set in 2006.

What propelled the strong sales for the Asian brand are the strong sales of their crossover sport utility vehicle XL7 and the all-new SX4. The Suzuki XL7, the company’s best selling model, posted sales of 2,213 units for the month of March and this is an increase of 49 percent over last year’s March sales. Last year, Suzuki sold 1,487 units of the XL7 in the United States auto market.

Aside from the Suzuki XL7, another Suzuki model which posted strong sales last month is the much heralded Suzuki SX4. Last month Suzuki sold 1,669 units of the Suzuki SX4, 66 percent more than their March 2006 sales for the same model. Last year, the company sold 1,003 units of the SX4 in the U.S.

This may be so however the Suzuki Grand Vitara lost ground in the U.S. auto market, dropping 31 percent on terms of sales. But the new Forenza makes up for that slack. Suzuki sold 5,048 units of the Suzuki Reno or Forenza combined both of which are made by Daewoo. All these models enjoyed good popularity due to their performance and the reliability of the parts used on the cars similar to the ever-tough Volvo V40 parts.

Aside from the XL7 and the SX4, Suzuki looks to increase their sales by introducing a sedan version of the SX4 at the upcoming New York International Auto Show. Koichi Suzuki, the President of American Suzuki Automotive Operations, has this to say: “With the growing popularity of the all-new XL7 and SX4, the continued sales strength of the Grand Vitara, and launch of the new SX4 sedan this week, Suzuki is well positioned for another strong year. With more outstanding products on the horizon, we believe we are building the foundation for sustainable growth.”

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