The 3 Types of Radio Control Cars

The 3 Types of Radio Control Cars

Radio control cars have come on in leaps and bounds in the past few years. Gone are the days of the springy metal aerial and the wheels that only turn when you are moving. Modern radio control cars are every bit as exciting as full sized racing always has been and technology has been poured into scale model racing. The three main radio control models are listed below.

Electric motors

The very first RC cars were powered by electric motors and were simple devices. Electric radio controlled cars are still extremely popular and are relatively cheap. A major problem with electric vehicles has always been battery life however advances in motor and battery technology have increased run times to reasonable levels. Motor driven cars can be very fast but they don’t offer anywhere near the performance of a nitro powered car.

Nitro engines

Modern nitro engine driven cars are engineering masterpieces. Containing nitro powerered engines, nitro scale models are extremely fast, reaching speeds of up to 80mph. Acceleration is comparable to full scale super cars and the engines can rotate at 30,000 RPM. A nitro powered radio control car is usually the next step up from an electric vehicle and they are often physically bigger and much better made.

Petrol power

The largest radio control cars of all are the recent development of petrol powered RC Cars. That is ordinary, every-day petroleum that is available at any garage across the country. Petrol powered radio control cars are usually 1/5th scale, mainly to accommodate the larger engine but also for a more lifelike appearance. Petrol powered RC cars are large and not really for the beginner.

Radio controlled cars are a hobby like no other and racing them is every bit as exciting as their full sized counterpart.

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