Dump Truck Rental

The benefits of renting a dump truck can be calculated by the job for which it is needed.

Dump truck rental requires the driver to have a class C license so that would be the first consideration.

Cost must always be considered, and actual numbers are needed to accurately calculate a job’s expenses. The truck can usually be rented on a daily basis so the amount of days should be included in the calculations.

An example would be One hundred ninety-five dollars a day truck rental, plus thirty cents per mile, subtracted from the cost of contracting the job out. There are also other costs, but this is a starting point.

The most expensive part of purchasing sand or gravel, which is usually one of the most common reasons for using a dump truck, is the delivery charge. Gravel or sand can be purchased at the lot or quarry for a very low price compared to what it cost to have it delivered.

The cost for a load of sand could vary from two, to three hundred and fifty dollars, for around five tons delivered to your site. Subtracting the truck rental, and allowing twenty or more dollars per ton for the sand, renting for one load could have a possible savings of around fifty dollars.

Don’t forget to calculate the mileage, travel time, and the cost of paying a driver. One load could be cutting the possible savings to a small percentage. If the job requires multiple loads and the distance is close a considerable savings could be accumulated.

Another consideration is the possibility of accidents. One slight mistake can eliminate any savings and cause future lawsuits. Individuals and companies operating heavy equipment are required to have insurance that can cover their damages. The fines for operating without proper insurance can be high.

Operators of heavy trucks are also responsible for damages they do to driveways and public and private roadways. These possibilities should be researched and considered before renting. Some municipalities also require special permits for hauling into their boundaries.

All of these calculations need to be researched locally and confirmed before committing to the project.

Using a delivery service also has hidden costs. Many will require a release for damages to be signed before entering private property.

Once the cost of insurance and permits, added to the cost of materials, fuel, and mileage, have been calculated, and then subtracted from the cost of delivery, or hiring a subcontractor, renting a truck can be a profitable experience.

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