Free Car Insurance Comparisons – What is the Easiest Way to Do Car Insurance Comparisons For Free?

Q: Are the multitude of web sites that offer car insurance comparisons on the internet helpful? If so how do I choose which one to use? I do not want to enter personal information into ten different web sites.

A: Car insurance comparisons are indeed all over the internet. It can be difficult to choose which one. Our problem with many multiple quote sites is that they often return very generic quotes based on minimal information.

For instance there is no way you can get an accurate quote rate by entering your location, DOB, and make of your car, but many web sites will offer you a quote based on these answers.

That’s fine for as far as it goes, but there seems to be a great deal of information missing here. To form a typical quote the typical car insurance will use at least some of the following information:

*Driving history
*Marital status
*Credit history
*Make and model of vehicle
*Color of vehicle

As you can see to receive a quote that is tailored to your specific needs would require you to input a significant amount of information into a web site. Since you are not interested in doing this we recommend calling each insurance company individually and doing car insurance comparisons the old fashioned way.

An even better idea is to obtain car insurance quotes online. This will allow you to quickly compare rates from the top companies. When it comes to saving money on auto insurance, comparison shopping is one of the easiest ways to save a bundle.

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