Pepper Sprays In The News

One of the best ways to talk about a product is to give examples, real life examples, of how they are used in everyday life. Most people don’t realize how effective sprays are because they are small and generally speaking very inexpensive. People rationalize that they can’t really be all that good.

That is incorrect. Tell me why every police officer in the country carries a pepper spray! Tell me why all postal carriers are issued sprays for the first line of defense against dog attacks! In the continuum of force of police officers use starting with verbal commands, if that command is not obeyed the next level of force is a defensive spray.

Why are they used by military units worldwide for crowd control? Why are animal control officers issued pepper sprays? Why are Park Rangers issued bear sprays?

The answers are a lot simpler than you may think. Pepper sprays are used by all these folks because they are so effective. Effective against assailants for personal civilian use, effective against dogs in dog attacks for postal carriers, civilians and police officers. And they are effective against bears and wildlife out in the back country. Pepper sprays are the most widely used product for self-defense.

Here are three examples of how defensive sprays have been used just in recent weeks-pepper sprays in the news.

Five months ago a convenience store owner in a northeastern state was robbed at gunpoint. One of his best customers gave him a pepper spray to use just in case it happened again. Well sure enough about three weeks ago the store owner was held up at gun point. He had placed the pepper spray right next to the cash register.

The second that he saw the gun he instinctively reached for the pepper spray and shot the armed robber in the face with a short spray. The robber immediately fled the store. The store owner called 911 and gave a good description of the guy. Twenty minutes later the police found the guy sitting in a car that had just run into a power pole. Electrical wires were hanging over the car so the guy couldn’t escape. The reason he ran into the power pole was because of the defensive spray and all the tearing it caused.

In another example, a neighbor saw a burglar literally kicking in the rear door of his neighbors’ house. The neighbor called 911. As the police cars approached, sirens wailing, the bad guy ran out the back door and was about to get away when he tripped and fell into a hole knocking his head and going unconscious.

The neighbor approached cautiously. When the burglar started to come around the neighbor sprayed him with a pepper spray gun from 20 feet away as he was regaining consciousness. The burglar instinctively got up and started to run but couldn’t see because of the tearing the spray caused. He ran right into the police officers who had arrived on scene.

A third example was right here in my hometown not that long ago when an attempted home invasion took place. As the invaders came into the house the homeowner reach for his pepper spray that he had by the front door and sprayed the two bad guys. They got away and were not seen again.

Each of these examples shows how someone’s life or property was saved by use of pepper sprays.

When are you getting some?

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