Heavy Equipment Power Washing Considered – Try Ag Equipment, Good Market

If you are company that specializes in power washing and pressure washing then you might wish to consider doing more work on heavy equipment, specifically agricultural farming equipment. There’s actually quite a bit of money to be made in this sector, and it is pretty steady work based on seasonality depending on the region. If you are in an area which grows a certain crop such as wheat or corn there are times when the farmers are flush with cash, and they have to clean their equipment, put on coatings, and practically detail it out prior to putting it away until the next season.

You might think that because in the summer of 2012 there was a big drought in the Midwest that farmers would be broke, and they wouldn’t wish to have their equipment cleaned. Just because there is a drought does not mean that farmers aren’t making money. Often the price goes up substantially on whatever commodity or crop they are producing and selling on the market. This means they can actually make more money for growing fewer quantities. Also, farmers change the type of crops they grow based on what they believe the availability will be next season.

Indeed, there was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal on September 12, 2012 titled “Drought Won’t Kill Farm Equipment – Implement Makers Predict High Corn Prices Will Enable Farmers to Keep Buying Combines, Tractors,” by Owen Fletcher.

When farmers buy brand-new equipment, they wish to take care of it because it is so expensive, and while it is brand-new, they wish to keep it that way as long as humanly possible. It also means that they might be selling their used equipment at the auction, or might be shipping it to a dealer in another state. The old equipment has to be completely steam cleaned, repaired, and that means there will be spot welding, a change out of implements, work on the hydraulics, and engine work. You can’t work on a dirty tractor, someone has to clean it.

If you own a power washing company, it should be you. Farmers are really easy to deal with, and most of your business can be done on a handshake. As long as you run a good business, have a solid reputation, and do what you say you’re going to do, you will have unlimited work, and a constant flow of fruitful referrals. It is amazing how busy corporate farms and independent small farmers can keep you, and how much work they have for you to do. You should look into this. Indeed I hope you will please consider all it.

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