Mobile Car Wash Business; Keeping Employees From Stealing Your Cash

Mobile Car Wash Business; Keeping Employees From Stealing Your Cash

A mobile car wash business is an excellent business indeed. It is simple; no inventory, no location and for the most part a cash business too. Yet with all its simplicity one has to ask the obvious question; How on Earth do you keep the workers in your mobile car wash business from stealing your cash when you are not there? Well, indeed, the human level of integrity makes one wonder sometimes, as you give someone a job and then they go and steal from you? It is a rather sad state of affairs isn’t it? But do not let this get you down, as there is a way to prevent employee theft of the daily cash.

The best way to solve this issue of missing dollars is to use the human innate characteristics of such want to prevent them from stealing. For instance; Run a crew of two; one truck manager and one worker. Give your crew a $10.00 bonus for signing car wash customer up via credit card for 12 washes in advance. Then give the first wash on the spot to the customer for free. This will mean you have the money in advance so there will be less actual cash trading hands, therefore it cannot be stolen. The crew will want to sign many customers up on a pre-pay to get the bonus each week.

Next you need to pay the man riding shotgun, the worker $8-10 per hour and the crew leader (manager of the truck) a salary plus commission of what that unit does. If the crew leader starts stealing money the $8-10 per hour man will turn him in so he can have the better job after you fire the truck manager for stealing. The crew leader would not allow the $8-10 per hour worker to steal because it would come out of his perceived entitlement, the bonus? The bonus can be as little as 15{ab662c498d58e1b7b34d33fa34ec831686a9fe77d0ca7e950f839577e113f39a} for this to work. Also keep switching crews a lot, so each $8-10 per hour worker learns the routes and do not be afraid to fire cheaters, liars or thieves.

Hello my name is Lance Winslow and I am the Founder of the Car Wash Guys, this is what we do and it works. If you are worried or are currently having problems with your employees stealing your cash, please think on this.

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