Points to Review in Buying Altec Bucket Trucks

Altec bucket trucks are one of the most popular trucks in the market today. It is among the leading manufacturer for aerial devices and as well as digger derricks. They are also known for their outstanding equipment that specializes in electric utility. Furthermore, they are also known in the telecommunication industry as well as the tree care industry among others. The company has been around for 70 years, serving 120 countries and it also has 2,500 associates all over the world.

The company has been very innovative, thus allowing them to meet the consumer’s satisfaction. The company has produced Altec bucket trucks together with digger derricks; these products are made of superior quality and fit for its purpose. Altec bucket trucks are very reliable and efficient, which helps company do its job with ease. There are various product lines under the Altec bucket trucks. One of which is the altec hi-line series. This series has a maximum height of 150 ft and 454 kg handling capacity.

The Altec hi-line series has a vast product lines under it. Overcenter and non-overcenter trucks are part of this series. Furthermore, the series also includes trucks that can elevate materials in a specific height. There are also trucks under this series that are fit for telecommunications and electric companies. These trucks are called aerial cable placer trucks. Companies in the said industries usually change electric or phone lines for maintenance or repair purposes.

Another product version of the Altec bucket trucks is the F-set. The tool in this set is mounted on a cab chassis. It can reach up to 44 feet and its maximum capacity is 200 kg. The boom articulation and the platform can rotate to as much as 180 degrees. They also have the L-series. One of the products under this series is called the Altec L36A Articulating Overcenter Aerial Device. This product has a maximum height of 42.2 feet. It can reach up to 28.4 feet on its sides. The platform can carry a maximum of 181 kg.

This product is very versatile so there is no need to have outriggers with it. There are also trucks in this series that can serve as a good storage place. These trucks have similar features with the trailer trucks. The LRV series on the other hand has a maximum working height of 57.7 feet with its side reach maximum of 42.5 feet. The platform can carry up to 181kg. One of the superior features of this series is that it has a lifetime structural warranty and its superior articulation.

Altec has been the leading manufacturer in this industry because of its superior and innovative products. The equipments they build are sturdy and reliable. It is also built and designed with safety features. Companies who are looking for trucks to use on their business can definitely find it with Altec trucks. It is assured that they will have the best quality products available on the market and at a very reasonable price.

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