Pressure Cleaning Tips for Removing Grease

Removing oil and grease stains could be a formidable task as it requires a lot of time and effort. But, the pressure cleaning technique makes the task of degreasing a lot more easy and effective.

Grease stains on your cement driveways are usually the result of car oil or grease. On an average, you pull in and pull out your car from the driveway three times a day. Therefore, these stains are inevitable. Pressure cleaning is an efficient and effective method that is competent enough to remove dirt and stains of any nature. And to obtain the desired results, you should let the professional hands do the job for you.

Hot water washers or steam cleaning pressure washers should be used to clean the grease stains since, these stains are tough to be removed and hot water works adequately in removing them. Water, over 180 degrees hot removes the tough stains very effectively.

Before using the pressure cleaner one must take necessary precautions as, it could prove fatal if you expose yourself to the pressure and temperature of the water. Safety goggles are a must for your eyes. Hand gloves and long pants prevent your body from any kind of mishap. Ensure that the nozzle is tightly fixed to the wand of the pressure washer. Abstain from pointing the nozzle at anyone and even yourself to prevent anything fatal to occur.

Test the pressure cleaner on a patch of concrete before using it to clean the stains. The mode of the pressure depends upon the nature of the stain. For light cleaning, low pressure is usually used. And if the stain is a tough one like the grease, then high pressure works better. These hot pressure washers are used in the same manner as the other pressure washers. The wand of the pressure cleaner is evenly and slowly moved sideways on the stain to remove it completely. The wand should be held 6 inches away from the stained surface to get the best results.

Steam pressure cleaning is an ideal method too, to clean harder depositions and tougher stains. These washers are designed in such a manner that water is gushed at a greater force through the nozzle at nearly boiling temperatures. This leads to steam expansion. The more the velocity at which the water is actuated, the more the steam expands.

These methods of pressure cleaning could be highly risky as they involve high heat and perilous chemicals. Therefore, extra precaution is to be taken while making use of these methods. It is wise to hire professional or trained personnel to do this job for you. Using these pressure cleaning methods require a lot of practice in order to avoid any kind of harm or damage.

In the absence of hot pressure cleaner and steam cleaning pressure washers, you could also use cold pressure cleaners along with green degreasers or chemicals to remove larger amounts of oil and grease stains safely. This method is economical too.

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