Procuring Right Hand Drive Jeeps

Right hand drive jeeps, though not a common sight on the roads are a necessity for some people to do their job. For example, a rural mail delivery driver needs a vehicle that has the steering wheel, accelerator and brake on its right side to access mailboxes on that side of the street. Right hand drive jeeps are the best options for this job with its sturdy built and large cargo area.

Right hand drive jeeps are owners’ pride as they are not available in the market easily. It is difficult to procure them scanning the local classifieds or heading to the neighborhood car dealer. The Postal Service Department once used jeeps in large number and a decommissioned model is a possible option for rural delivery drivers. Another feasible option is to buy a converted jeep or have a normal jeep converted to RHD. Conversions are possible in two different ways. The first method is to remove the left hand drive components completely and this is a more expensive way. But the finished product looks like a manufactured right hand drive jeep. The second option consists of a conversion kit that keeps the left hand drive components in place to which a second steering wheel and pedals are attached using drive pulleys and mechanical levers. The reliable service, cargo space and four-wheel drive make them the perfect vehicle for rural delivery drivers.

Paying through your nose for a new jeep does not make much sense because jeeps from the eighties are still roaming the streets efficiently. Sturdy construction and reliable engineering make them masters on the road. Hence used jeeps are a viable option these days. You can make use of the Internet for information and listings for used jeeps. Any way it is always better to do some research, gather information and references from a variety of sources before making a purchase.

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