The Amazing Corvette Z06

The Amazing Corvette Z06

Auto enthusiasts all over the United States are cheering on the latest 2007 version of the Corvette Z06. With tremors of change going through the US auto industry as of late, the Corvette still enjoys brisk sales and a loyal vehicle following for the once mighty GM.

The Z06 version of the Vette actually saw its debut in the 1960’s but the modern, and still running, version was born in 2001 to replace the ZR1. The new, modern version of the Z06 now boasts being the most powerful and fastest production Corvette to ever come off the assembly line at Chevrolet.

Starting in 2002 the Z06 produced a whopping 405 hp, propelling itself from a standing start to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds. The newest 2007 version of the Z06 with its 427 cubic inch powerplant produces a neck snapping 505 hp that decreases the 0-60 time to 3.5 seconds and increases the top speed to 198 mph.

The C6 or sixth generation of the Vette came to production in 2005 as a shorter, sleeker version of its C5 predecessor. The smaller styling of the latest Vette was partly because of complaints of the vehicle being too wide and to also get the attention of European sports car enthusiasts in an attempt to draw them away from models like the Porsche.

My personal opinion on the styling is that the C6 looks too much like a budget sports car compared to the muscular and definitive styling of the previous C5 version. The appearance of the C6 is that of a beautiful and sleek machine with the trunk chopped off. The body profile doesn’t quite make the statement it once did as a true American sports car. However, the performance of the C6 Z06 more than makes up for the lack of styling and it still looks great from the front 3/4 view.

The base price of $70,000 (try getting one for that price) is expensive for most car buyers for sure, but it is a true bargain in its class. With its 0 to 60 times, top speed and overall performance, it is a breath of fresh air in a class of automobiles costing nearly twice its price. Comparatively the Ford GT and the Dodge Viper SRT-10 both have suggested starting retail prices above $140,000, exactly twice that of the Corvette Z06.

One of the most amazing things about this beauty of a sports car is that it is the first 500 plus horse power production vehicle to avoid the ridiculous US Government mandated gas guzzler tax. It does this by being a moderately fuel efficient vehicle and weighing at 18 miles in the city and 28 miles on the highway for the manual transmission model. That’s better than my 2005 Toyota 4Runner that takes more than twice as long to get from 0-60.

As you can see, there are many reasons for the car enthusiast to love the new Corvette Z06. Its performance, price, styling (to some) and fuel economy make it a well rounded world class sports car. And I have to mention it again, you just can’t beat the price!

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