The Best Gadgets for Home DIY

The Best Gadgets for Home DIY

The term home DIY can strike fear into even the bravest of people, as tales of DIY disasters, injuries and repair bills can put people off doing any basic home improvements themselves. But it needn’t be this way, and with a little knowledge and training, there is no limit to the small jobs that any homeowner can do around the house. So with that in mind, here is a brief introduction to some of the most popular and most useful tools for the home.

The Hammer

One of the most instantly recognisable tools in the tool box, hammers come in all shapes and sizes and have even been the inspiration for plastic children’s toys. Primarily used for securing or ‘hammering’ nails into planks of wood or other materials, hammers must be used carefully, so you don’t accidentally hurt yourself or someone else whilst using one.

The Saw

Another familiar site in many toolboxes or sheds, the saw is used for ‘sawing’ or cutting up pieces of wood. There are many different types of saws available from the standard crosscut saw, which is the one most commonly used in DIY to the circular saw, a mechanically powered saw more suited for use in an industrial setting for cutting much tougher types of wood, such as logs and even beams. Very sharp and often hard work for a beginner, a saw must be used responsibly in order to prevent injury.

The Air Compressor

Don’t be put off by the slightly unnerving name, an air compressor is a tool that many people are likely to have come into contact with in various forms throughout the years. One of the best known types of air compressor is the one you see at petrol stations, which is for filling car and bike tyres. A diesel air compressor is also used a lot during renovation and home improvements as they are a reliable source of power for several pneumatic tools such as sanders, hack saws, paint guns and airbrushes.

The Pressure Washer

As with the air compressor, pressure washers are often found at petrol stations, because they are used for washing cars, in fact they are used for cleaning a number of things, such as buildings, pavements and road surfaces. Named pressure washer because they produce water at a high-pressure in order to remove stubborn dirt, mould, dust and associated grime from surfaces, they consist of a water pump, a high pressure hose and water pistol type switch for controlling the flow of water. Readily available from building suppliers, it’s best to look into renting a

pressure washer if it’s just being used for one job, so don’t splash out on one until you know exactly what it’s going to be used for.

So that was just four tools that you may or may not come into contact with whilst you undertake some home improvements, but no matter what you do make sure you always think safety first, and wear the appropriate safety equipment when using any tools.

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