Truck Driving – How to Make a Living on the Road

Truck Driving – How to Make a Living on the Road

Trucking is a growing industry with many opportunities for employment waiting to be filled. The economy would literally collapse if the trucking industry was to crash for some reason. Those who are interested in becoming truck drivers will have many career opportunities available to them as they develop their potential within the industry. The key to making a successful living on the road is to do detailed research into the industry before committing yourself to it. This will help you to make informed career decisions and work out your personal financial goals.


You will require to get yourself a commercial driver’s license (CDL). This is one of the most important documents that a truck driver needs to possess. You should also be free from drug and alcohol problems in order to pass drug and alcohol testing. If you have been convicted of a felony involving a motor vehicle you might find that this will disqualify you from driving a commercial vehicle.

Compensation and Wages

Truck drivers will be aware of the different methods of financial compensation offered by carriers to their truckers. Most carriers assign regular jobs to their truck drivers. This will allow the truck driver to calculate his or her estimated income. Long-haul truck drivers are usually paid by the mile. Bonuses are often given to employees who save the company money or work to high standards. Local truck drivers are usually paid by the hour. It is worthwhile comparing the rates of several employers before deciding where to work.

Road Safety

Road safety is given high priority in the trucking industry. This is an aspect of the job which you simply cannot afford to neglect. Approximately 70{ab662c498d58e1b7b34d33fa34ec831686a9fe77d0ca7e950f839577e113f39a} of truck driver deaths are caused in highway accidents involving inexperienced automobile drivers. Defensive driving is a much needed skill if you are to survive in this industry without injuring yourself or putting your personal safety on the line. In relation to this, truck drivers should also be aware of safety laws.

Personal Health

Truck driving makes physical and mental demands on the job. Professional truckers making need to schedule proper rest and relaxation while on duty. Planning some physical exercise into your week is also a good idea to keep them healthy. They should also be prepared to include coffee or caffeine as part and parcel of their lives.

Becoming an Owner-Operator

Truck drivers who aim to become owner-operators are in a position to exert greater control over their career. You are able to become more selective about the types of cargo you want to carry and the kind of schedule they want to maintain. Owner-operators also tend to earn more profit compared to normal truck drivers attached to a carrier.

In conclusion, truck driving is a challenging profession, suitable for solitary individuals who like to live life on the move, and who relish the challenges of a physically demanding job.

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