Two Types of Electronic Air Pump – High Pressure-Low Volume and Low Pressure-High Volume

Have your tires gone out of shape? Save those sweats and do not let your day get the best of you. Let this article give you a break from literally pumping yourself out by using an air pump in inflating some things by sparing your extra time of reading this. Nowadays, electric air pump is highly suggested for people who waste their breath, time and effort for those manual air pump. Now you can just sit back and relax yourself from those tiring things. Just a piece of advice, electric air pump is now capable of avoiding those unnecessary things. But of course, there are still matters such as “complementary things”. Like for example, peanut butter and bread, which is just a simple analogy that things really do need to avoid mismatching. By using electric pump, there is also a consideration about it, and thus, this thing would follow.

Because it is electric, it does not mean it is compatible for every inflatable. There are tow type of pump, the high volume/low pressure and the low volume/high pressure pump. Like in a bicycle, the volume it encompasses is small, it goes with low volume. However, bicycle tires require high pressure (up to 100 pounds of pressure), so make sure to use the appropriate pump for it because if you would not match the concept of complementing air pump to inflatable, it will not serve its own purpose.

Take for example, in inflating a boat, it takes about 35-40 pounds of pressure, but the volume is greater than that of tire of the bicycle. Inflating the boat manually requires a great deal of effort to reach the required pressure due to increasing volume. You may have a choice on whatever preference of pump you may use like using either manual bicycle tire pump or car tire pump to inflate an inflatable boat will take a long time since you are only getting low volume and the chance of over pressuring the product and you are producing high pressure. In other sense, if you are going to use gasoline station to pump air, which produces high pressure, to inflate a marine inflatable product, it will go quickly even with the proportion of lower volume, which in chance that the marine inflatable could over inflate and explode.

The point here is simple. You must not interchange both high volume/low pressure to a low volume/high pressure or the opposite way either, as this may cause eventual over inflation of the product. More or less, this concept is important in using your air pump, which is why electronic air pump is suitable for many inflatable, because it has greater option of specific use. However, you still must be particular to the pump you are using with inflatable.

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